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The plugins we have developed, were created to address a need or requirement not found in other plugins.

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Although Keap provides captcha options, this does not eliminate bot and spam submission from filling up your CRM and forcing you to pay for contacts that are not legitimate. It also means wasted time cleaning up your database.

  • Eliminates bot form submissions

  • Validates form data before submitting to Keap

  • Ensures that the form data is posted from the website /IP of the actual form

  • Limits exposure of your data because we do not access your Keap accounts, checking is done locally, not on a third party server

  • No limit to number of Keap forms

  • One fit pricing — pricing is not based on number of contacts

  • Annual discounted pricing option

  • The same license key available for multiple sites (contact us)

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“One of my clients was receiving spammy form submissions daily. Staff was frustrated and our CRM had to be cleaned up regularly. All of these bogus form submissions stopped once FORM CHEX code was added. This was a very easy fix to a frustrating problem. If you are using Keap web forms on WordPress, I highly recommend this plugin and consider it a necessity.”
Karen C, KLC Marketing Group

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