FORM CHEXTM for Keap Forms

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NOTE: Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime, but no refunds will be provided for unused subscription terms. We appreciate the opportunity to help solve any technical issues before cancellation.

FORM CHEX pre-filters and eliminates spam and bot submissions received through forms so they do not post to the Keap CRM.

When a Keap form is completed, the form data is posted to the Keap server along with information to identify the form and the “Secret”. The Keap server validates the request, posts the does some minimal checking of the data, and then posts the data into an existing or new contact record.

The issues with this are:

  • The posted input fields may contain invalid data, i.e. a phone number that is not a valid phone number format so get added to a record incorrectly

  • There is no check that the post is coming from the website with the actual form.
  • Spammers can scrape the website to collect the Keap form ID’s and secrets which allows them to use bots to post spam directly to the Keap servers.

  • Billed once per month until cancelled

  • Billed once per year until cancelled

The FORM CHEX WordPress plugin addresses these issues to help keep your Keap CRM clean and spam free.

Basic Features

  • Uses the unstyled HTML code from the Keap form to generate new form code that can be checked and managed by FORM CHEX
  • Creates simple to use shortcode to place on your web page
  • Hides Keap form IDs and secrets from scrappers and bots
  • Checks for valid formatting on the most common field types
  • Checks that post/submissions are actually coming from your or your client’s website form
  • Only submits when form data that is checked passes requirements
  • Ability to add additional styling inline or as CSS
  • Easily move plugin license to another domain (one domain per license)

How it Works

FORM CHEX™ hides the tag from bots and scrappers. This is the main way forms get filled with spam. We keep this hidden until the form is submitted. We also do validation on main field types to check for proper formatting, duplicative first name/last name, text in phone fields, etc. which are also indicative of spam.

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