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FORM CHEX advantages:
  • Eliminates bot form submissions
  • Validates form data before submitting to Keap
  • Limits exposure of your data because we do not access your Keap accounts, checking is done locally, not on a third party server
  • Unlimited number of Keap forms (limited to one domain)
  • One fit pricing — pricing is not based on number of contacts
  • Annual discounted pricing option
The FORM CHEX WordPress plugin addresses bot spam to help keep your Keap CRM clean.

Basic Features

  • Uses the unstyled HTML code from the Keap form to generate new form code that can be checked and managed by FORM CHEX
  • Creates simple to use shortcode to place on your web page
  • Hides Keap form IDs and secrets from scrappers and bots
  • Checks for valid formatting on the most common field types
  • Checks that post/submissions are actually coming from your or your client’s website form
  • Only submits when form data that is checked passes requirements
  • Ability to add additional styling inline or as CSS
  • Easily move plugin license to another domain (one domain per license)

How it Works

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